Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Maintain your plumbing with these 5 plumbing maintenance tips

Keep on top of your house maintenance and avoid costly plumbing repairs in the future.

Whitehead Plumbing and Gas Ltd have put together this handy troubleshooting check list to help you maintain your plumbing.

Look for Leaks

1. Look for leaks

Dripping taps or leaky joints in pipes can cause problems in the long run and need replacing or repairing. (Turning off taps hard is a short term fix and only wears down the seals). Meanwhile hard to turn off taps also need servicing.

Stop Drains Clogging

2. Add strainers where possible

Consider adding a strainer to your kitchen sink to capture food, or in your shower or bath, to stop drains clogging. 

Toilet Cistrens plumbing

3. Maintain toilet cisterns

If your toilet is continually running it may need servicing and the ballcock replacing.

Header Tank plumbing

4. Check your header tanks

Make sure your tank doesn’t leak (check the tray and/ or the outside overflow pipe isn’t gushing water).

Water Mains plumbing

5. Know where your water mains are

Often they are just inside or outside your front boundary. If you have a burst water pipe, turn off the water at the mains and call us!

We are here to help!

Taking a maintenance first approach will prevent or minimise issues. We can do a general review of your plumbing for you, or we can help with servicing any issue you have found.

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