Backflow Prevention

Registered IQP Backflow Prevention Provider

We are fortunate in Christchurch and Canterbury to live in a part of the world where we can still drink our tap water. However, we must all be careful not to take this for granted and ensure that we have adequate backflow prevention devices in place to protect our municipal water supply from ‘back-siphoned’ contamination.

Inadequate backflow prevention is a serious health hazard

Backflow prevention is particularly important if your water supply is exposed to any hazardous substances such as chemicals or bacteria.

Without suitable protection, you or your business could be potentially liable for causing serious health problems in our community.

Local council compliance: Backflow Protection Christchurch City Council.

The Christchurch City Council outlines strict regulations governing the installation and testing of Backflow Prevention devices.

As a registered IQP Backflow Prevention Provider, at Whitehead Plumbing & Gas we will ensure that all your backflow prevention devices are installed, tested, and repaired safely to meet all compliance regulations.