Keeping your drains well connected

Running water and good drainage are the types of things it’s easy to take for granted until you don’t have them. Whether you need to install, upgrade or repair your pipes and drains, at Whitehead Plumbing and Gas we have a qualified drain layer to take care of all your drainlaying requirements.

Because we are also registered Master Plumbers, we can run the pipes into your home or business whilst we’re at it to ensure you’re really well connected!

Our drain laying services include:

  • Installation and upgrades for residential and commercial premises
  • General repairs and maintenance
  • Absolute assurance that all work carried out complies with Health & Safety requirements
  • Video inspection services

Drain blockages and repairs

Left unattended, small leaks can become major problems, so when we’re clearing blockages we will also work to find the cause – for example, a broken fitting or disturbed/damaged pipe and recommend possible solutions.

So if you need the assistance of a qualified, professional drainlaying team to get keep your
water flowing, contact us via email or call us today on 03 379 07114