Hot water cylinder solutions

Yikes, the kids used all the hot water and the shower’s running cold? Hot water cylinders have been proudly warming New Zealander’s bathwater for many a happy decade…BUT, in today’s world, they’re way behind the times in terms of energy efficiency.

Nothing comes close to gas hot water heating systems, and Whitehead Plumbing & Gas are the expert Christchurch installers.

We supply instantaneous gas heating for new or existing homes. As soon as you turn the tap on, it fires up and gives you hot water.

What are the advantages?

  • You pay for what you use, it’s as simple as that. You aren’t paying to heat, store and keep water warm all day in a cylinder, for intermittent use.
  • Continuous flow. The water is heated as it flows through the system, so there’s no running out of hot water.
  • Done in a day. It takes less than a day to install or convert.
  • You gain the space in your house that your cylinder cupboard was previously occupying. Who doesn’t love more space?
  • High-tech options. Some of our instantaneous gas hot water systems can hook up to an app on your phone. That means you can remotely control the temperature of your hot water. Running it at too high a temperature means you can end up adding cold water and paying for heat you aren’t using. By tweaking the temperature, you can end up saving on gas and money.

All our gas-fitters installers are qualified and experienced. Call us today on 03 379 0711 to find out more.
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