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The latest ‘water cooler conversation’ is that some Christchurch people have started buying bottled water since the council started adding chlorine to the water supply.

We get it. Depending on where you live, the taste and smell of some of the water is quite plainly awful, but the cost of all that bottled water is going to mount up over time. At Whitehead Plumbing & Gas Ltd we’ve got some alternative options that are way more cost-effective in the long run.

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We can supply and install:

Puretec Puremix-X7 an under the bench water filter connected to the cold water supply to the kitchen tap. It filters out odours, bad taste, chlorine and other chemicals leaving healthy, great-tasting, clean, safe and pure water.

Approx. cost of installation:
$200 – $250.00 plus GST.
* Conditions may apply
Puretec WH fitted externally and filters water supply to all outlets. This system provides purified spring water quality water to every outlet throughout the house.

Approx. cost of installation:
$500 – $1000.00 plus GST.
* Conditions may apply

If you want to leave behind that awful chlorine aftertaste, give us a call to discuss which option works best for you.

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